Friends Ranch Central Oregon

Phase 1 Projects

Farm to Table, The Learning Lounge, and The Rec Room

Farm to Table

Experiential Learning in Central Oregon

We will utilize nearly half of the 19-acre property for animal grazing, and developing vegetable and flower gardens. We are partnering with local groups and gardening clubs for support and technical assistance. This area will also be an income generator for the organization with the opportunity to sell flowers the children grow and eggs from the chickens they care for. Our youth will be able to witness firsthand where their food comes from, working toward long-term positive health outcomes, pro-social development, and making good choices.

Children and Friends will bring the farm fresh veggies they harvest to our new learning kitchen to prepare and enjoy. Cooking classes and shared meals will develop lifelong healthy habits. Youth will find their spark while building positive relationships and self determination. This space will improve their overall health and well-being, while giving them skills for the future.

Friends Ranch projects, the garden in Bend Oregon

The Learning Lounge

Literacy for Life

For the children we serve, the one-on-one connection while reading with a Friend is priceless. Reading aloud and talking about a story helps kids build the reading and comprehension skills they need for life. Each visit between a Friend and a child involves reading, either aloud our quietly. Instilling a love for reading builds confidence in every other core subject. This foundational skill sets our youth on a path toward academic achievement and lifelong curiosity.

The Rec Room

Fun for Kids of All Ages

The Rec Room is where Positive Relationship Building abounds. It will be full of activities where our youth can interact with their Friend and one another, work on sportsmanship, patience and have fun! They will play in ping pong tournaments, take on geometric challenges in pool, and learn to socialize with their peers positively. They will also improve their fine and gross motor skills through games designed to build confidence and competence in kids of all ages.



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